Massillon Baptist College makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum.
Tuition per semester (12 credits or more)
Less than 12 hours, per credit hour
Room and board, per semester
Application fee (non-refundable)
Dormitory Reservation
Conditional Fees
Class Dues, per semester
Refrigerator Fee (optional), per semester
Add/Drop Class Fee
Graduation Fee, per semester of Senior Year $50.00
Certificate Fee, per semester
Transcript Fee
A detail of all fees is included on the Catalog CD. Textbook costs may total between $150 and $200 per semester depending on individual course of study.
Online Payments
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An address is required to process all payments. This ensures accurate record keeping and allows payments to be credited to the proper account. Please be sure the address you use matches your student account.

Students and donors do not need a paypal account to make a payment or donation. For questions about Paypal's security, click here.