The purpose of Massillon Baptist College

is to train God-called men andwomen for Christian service. Students may be trained as missionaries,pastors, evangelists, Christian education directors, and youth leaders. Our main thrust is in the training of missionaries. Laymen may takecourses to better equip themselves in their Christian lives and service totheir local church ministry.

The College is a local church ministry

and places strong emphasis on the ministry and work of the local church. Believing that much can be learned by observation and participation, we require all students to attend the services of Massillon Baptist Temple, unless they currently reside in the area and are faithfully attending a fundamental, Bible-believing church. After the second year of study, students may work in other churches with permission of the College Administration.

Our desire is to give students

a thorough working knowledge of the Word of God. The only Bible we use is the Authorized Version (KJV 1611). Our purpose is to train people in the work of building soul-winning churches at home and on the foreign mission field. Regardless of the field of service a student plans to enter, he will be trained in evangelism and soul winning. Every student will be required to go on visitation each week.

We invite students to come to Massillon Baptist College

to be well trained by preachers and teachers who are actively engaged in the Lord's work, and who are "getting the job done" for Christ. Students will receive blessing, instruction, and inspiration from the services and ministries of the External link opens in new tab or windowMassillon Baptist Temple (known across the nation as "THE CHURCH THAT WAS BUILT ON BIBLE TEACHING!"). Massillon Baptist College is a place where pastors train pastors, teachers train teachers, and missionaries train missionaries. We believe all earnest students will leave MBC well equipped.